What is EurOMA

EurOMA is...

  • An international network of academics and practitioners from around the world who have a common interest in the continuing development of Operations Management. EurOMA is a European-based network with rapidly growing international links, whereby members can share their ideas, knowledge, and experience. It is a communication network that bridges the gap between research and practice. In the spirit of networking, EurOMA maintains reciprocal links to other groups that are actively involved in OM.
  • Equally interested in manufacturing and service aspects of the OM field. Innovative approaches, techniques and concepts, from quality management to operations strategy, are the keys to competitiveness. The EurOMA membership as well as the various related activities reflect this broad range of interest and application in the greater field of OM.
  • A focus for development and application of knowledge. Excellence in manufacturing and service operations must be led by the development of new knowledge. The Association provides such a focus for identifying and disseminating the latest thinking and research as well as for exploring current issues in OM, thereby setting research agendas for the future. The International Annual EurOMA Conference is a major forum for the presentation of new ideas and developments in the field.
  • Supporting excellence in education. EurOMA promotes and supports a wide range of academic activities designed to advance the teaching and learning of Operations Management, including workshops, seminars, summer schools and forums. 
  • A professional non-profit association managed by EIASM (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management). The EIASM Doctoral Education Network (EDEN) annually organises the EDEN Programmes, a selection of intensive courses and seminars designed for doctoral students, offered throughout the year. A core subject area is Operations Management. The faculty members teaching EDEN courses are all affiliated with leading international institutions.