Journal Publishing Workshop

13th EurOMA Publishing Workshop, Module 2
November 12th-13th, 2020

The EurOMA Workshop on Journal Publishing in Operations Management is especially organized for faculty in the field of Operations Management (OM), who wish to increase the quality of their publications in recognized international academic journals in the field.

The workshop starts with a session with reviewers and members of the editorial boards, where participants are briefed on the editorial policy, publication process and strategies for submission.

Discussion of each paper follows in small group sessions. These sessions enable participants to obtain feedback on their papers from the reviewers and editorial board members as well as from other workshop participants in the same track. The suggestions for further development allow authors to identify the key steps to bring the paper up to publication standards. There is, of course, no certainty of subsequent publication as a result of the participation in the Publishing Workshop since the journals’ blind review is the only process that leads to the acceptance of a paper for publication.

Organised by Professor Juliana Hsuan and Professor Cristina Gimenez

EurOMA board lead: Dr George Onofrei