EurOMA Awards and Winners 2018

Chris Voss Best Paper Award

The Chris Voss Best Paper Award was presented to:

  • Stanley Frederick W.T. Lim, Elliot Rabinovich, Sungho Park, Minha Hwang for their paper "An Analysis of Shopping Behavior at Warehouse-Club Stores and Its Store-Network-Density Implications"

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Harry Boer Best Student Paper Award

The Harry Boer Best Student Paper Award was presented to: 

  • Sumeer Chakuu, Donato Masi, Janet Godsell for their paper "Enablers and inhibitors for the adoption of supply chain finance by logistics service providers" 

The Harry Boer Highly Commended Award was presented to:

  • Patrik Fager, Robin Hanson, Lars Medbo, Mats I. Johansson for their paper: “Order picking in dense areas – productivity impact of confirmation methods"

  • Minette Bellingan, Catherine Tilley, Luciano Batista, Mukesh Kumar, Steve Evans for their paper: “Exploring social sustainability aspects concerning the well-being of workers in Chinese factories"

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The Nigel Slack Teaching Innovation Award


The Nigel Slack Teaching Innovation Award was presented to:

  • Nicholas Wake, Alexander Urquhart, Corina Kroon for their paper:
    "Is gamification an effective pedagogic strategy? Using ‘Cuppa Services’ to teach lean and process improvement"

The Nigel Slack Teaching Innovation Award highly commended:

  • Max Finne, Mark Johnson, Mehmet Chakkol, Pinja Raitasuo for their paper:
    "Does flipped classroom design enhance learning? Analysis of an undergraduate OM course"

  • Rosanna Cole, Brent Snider for their paper:
    "Beat the dice: Sustainability uncertainty and implications on the total cost of ownership"

  • Torbjørn H. Netland, Karin Brown, Oliver Flaeschner, Omid Maghazei for their paper:
    "Bringing the factory to the students: Enriching teaching cases with Virtual Reality"

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