EurOMA Awards and Winners

Chris Voss Best Paper Award

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The Chris Voss Best Paper Award was presented to:

  • Menglei Niu, Christian Busse, Stephan M. Wagner, for their paper: “Supplier development for sustainability in global supply chains: Insights from dyadic case studies conducted in Switzerland and China”.

The Chris Voss Highly Commended Awards were presented to:

  • 2015 Highly Commended 1: Carolien De Blok, for the paper “How public service supply chains achieve integration: Findings from five cases”.
  • 2015 Highly Commended 2: Guido Orzes, Fu Jia, Marco Sartor, Guido Nassimbeni, for their paper “Does social accountability pay off? An empirical investigation on the performance impact of Sa8000”

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Harry Boer Best Student Paper Award

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The Harry Boer Best Student Paper Award was presented to: 

  • Aline Seepma, Carolien de Blok, Dirk Pieter van Donk, for their paper "Justice or efficiency versus justice and efficiency: findings from three Western criminal justice chains".

The Harry Boer Highly Commended Award was presented to:

  • Fazli Haleem, Sami Farooq, Harry Boer, Cristina Gimenez, for their paper "The moderating role of stakeholder pressure in the relationship between CSR practices and financial performance in a globalizing world".
  • Cristina Sancha, Frank Wiengarten, for their paper "The role of precarious work on the efficacy of lean practices".

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The Nigel Slack Teaching Innovation Award

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The Nigel Slack Teaching Innovation Award was presented to:

  • Kirstin Scholten, Anna Dubois, for their paper: "Advancing the skill set of SCM graduates – An active learning approach".

The Nigel Slack Teaching Innovation Award were presented to:

  • Alastair Nicholson, Dana Brown, John Schirn, Steve New, for their paper:
    "The Blue Suitcase: Operations Management Education through Reflexive Articulated Perception".
  • Mark Johnson, Mehmet Chakkol, Max Finne, for their paper:
    "‘Flip’ or not to ‘Flip’? Reflections on the Redesign of an Undergraduate Operations Management Course".

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