Call for papers for a Special Issue of the IJOPM

Old Theories, New Contexts: Extending Operations Management Theories to Projects

Guest Editors: Harvey Maylor, Jack Meredith, Jonas Söderlund, Tyson Browning


The objective of this Special Issue is to provide a forum for works at the nexus of OM and project contexts. Project contexts provide particular challenges for both theory and practice, due to the variable levels of complexity1,2 present in those contexts. In addition, project contexts have received little attention in OM journals3.
For the development of OM, this represents an opportunity for theory development, testing and extension. For instance, how well do OM theories translate into the projects context? In addition, where project contexts demonstrate novel theoretical insights, these can subsequently be tested in other operations domains. Our purpose then is two-fold: to enrich the discussion of OM and Operations Strategy by focusing on a neglected context, and to develop specific insights for projects by using established OM lenses.