EurOMA & IJOPM developmental ideas papers workshop NEW!

This workshop aims to help researchers, particularly young scholars, to give feedback and recommendations on their early development papers. This first EurOMA & IJOPM developmental ideas paper workshop is targeting papers in the fields of manufacturing and/or services.

The workshop is a two-phases event lasting one and a half hour. In the first phase, which lasts 30 mins, an expert panel of five experienced scholars will share their best practices and recommendations in the art of academic writing for scholarly journals. In the second phase, which lasts 60 mins, the group is divided into five round tables of 4 participants. Each round table is led by an experienced academic writer previously participated as panellist. In the round tables, participants need to give a 5 min pitch on their papers. Followed by ten minutes discussion and recommendations from experienced writer and participants. The workshop will finish with some concluding remarks from the workshop organizers.

This is a developmental practice workshop to support early stage writers in their academic careers from EurOMA society & IJOPM.

Organised by Dr Veronica Martinez and Prof Constantin Blome